bg-installer: Standardzied installer program

The program bg-installer reads an installation instruction file from standard input, and executes the instructions in the directory named on the command line.

Each line in the file is an individual instruction. Blank lines and lines beginning with # are ignored. Lines beginning with >, if present, instruct bg-installer as to which base directory to use (see below). All other lines must have following format:


The target filename is PREFIX/TOP/DIR/FILENAME where PREFIX is the value of $install_prefix if it is set, TOP is the directory given on the command line, and DIR and FILENAME given in the installation file.

When bg-installer encounters a base directory directive, as indicated above, it opens the file named conf-BASE (where BASE is the word on the directive line), reads the first line, and uses that as the base directory (prefixed by $install_prefix as above).

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