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Friday, October 24 2014 @ 06:34 PM CST

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Fading Fast

The month of February has passed in a blur. Blink. It is gone. I wonder how long the busyness will last. How and when did life speed up? It becomes hard to focus when life speeds by but focus I must. I don't want to miss the most important things, the memories we are making as a family.


I am blessed. Much of the busyness is due to choices we have made. We have choices. So many people do not have choice. I can grumble and complain at the results of my choice. If I choose that, I lose the blessing that comes in the middle. I also have the opportunity to change my choices. Sounds easy enough to change and compared to much of life it is easy. Bu tit is hard. It is hard to be thankful when it is -40 again. It is hard to be thankful that it snowed again. It is hard to be thankful at 5:30 am when it is cold and dark as I head to the pool.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18. I am not thankful for my twisted knee. I am thankful that I can stretch it and strengthen it. I am thankful I can walk if I am careful. I am thankful that Bruce and the girls are willing to help. I can be thankful in spite of the circumstances that threaten to drag me down. With a sore knee and the need to be careful with it, I can sit and create without the nagging thought I should be doing something else. I can catch up on those tasks I have neglected as I race from place to place. It becomes an enforced slow down. It becomes a time to reflect and to dream, a time to contemplate my choices and plan for change.

As February draws to a close, I am thankful for the choices available to me. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for the memories we have and the memories to be made.

What are you thankful for today?

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Some love it. Some hate it. We hear repeatedly those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. What if there are parts we have lost and need to regain? History class in school was often boring. We jazzed up the dates with ditties like "in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." The rhyme helps me remember the date all these years later. My father was a history major in university. Family vacations showed a very different glimpse of history. No longer did we have to memorize a list of names and dates. We toured forts and museums. Actors in period costume re-enacted major events in history.

Family Papers

A few years ago, my mom came home from a family reunion with a photo album and a stack of letters. She was transporting the letters to one of my grandmothers cousins. The photo album is from the 1880s in England. The letters are part of a decades long correspondence between sisters. One sister lived in England. One migrated to Canada. The letters gave an entirely different glimpse into history. They lived the events we learn about. It is quite something to read a letter written in England during the war. Mixed with news of the war is information about the garden and neighbours. From 1905 to the 1960s the letters trace the journey of the sisters in their communities. They are not writing about history but rather the everyday they find themselves part of.

There is a box in my basement. It contains letters written to me from my grandmother. I was away at school. Every week a new letter arrived. It contained news from home. I sometimes wish, I had been as faithful writing as these sisters or my grandma. For now, I periodically dig out these letters and glean bits about what life was like when our province was brand new. The story of history is so much more interesting than a list of names and dates. Thankfully some took the time to record the story as it happened.

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Creating Space

Contrast adds interest. Music has rests. Speaking uses a pause. They invite the listener to participate, to reflect and engage. Some passages are slow. Some are fast. Some are soft, others LOUD. Monotony causes the listener to drift off. Their thoughts wander and they miss parts of the whole.


The weather outside is frightful. At least it was for parts of January and will be again before spring arrives. The cold air threatens to slow everything down. It is a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of previous months. The summer warmth is enjoyed in part because it is different, it is in contrast to winter. Each season has its own personality. They have their own rhythm. Slow follows busy. Harvest follows the lazy days of summer. The rhythm repeats.


I find myself simultaneously fighting and embracing the rhythm of the season. It is hard to pause. Musicians practice playing the rest so they don't rush through them. Speakers practice the art of the pause. Many fight it by joining sentences together with needless words. Space can be threatening. Without attention the spaces in my house fill with remnants of the past. They become neglected and unused residents of our home. The pause gets squished in the corner until it gasps for air. My schedule fills relegating the pause to eight hours at night when I fall into bed exhausted.

I fight back. I need space to think, space to create. The memories need space to form, unhurried by the next event. Life begs to be savoured and enjoyed. I start timidly to embrace the rhythm of the season.

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Timeless Beauty

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30

Being Formed

I have turned off the TV. There were many reasons to do so. I still watch some popular shows. Later. I wait for the DVD to show up in the library. I learn about new shows from family and friends not from ads.

Advertising was not one of the main reasons for unplugging the TV. Time was and is. I don't miss the ads. Well sometimes I do, when others refer to memorable ads that I have no memory of, or the big budget Super Bowl ads. Most of the time though, I do not miss it. I never miss the unrealistic expectations that are set. "Want fabulous hair, use our product." "Show how much you love her with a...."

The continual barrage of selling wears away at the soul as a river erodes a bank. The message is always you could be better. You could do better. We have just what you need to fix you. Really? Will new clothes fix me? Do I really need a new car to get to work or to drive the kids to school? Until I turned off one source of ads, I didn't really think about them. I tuned many of them out but they still played in the background.

I don't want to find my value in something that needs to be upgraded next year or worse next month. I will never look like the supermodels. I have more curves than Marilyn Monroe. Many are not where I prefer them. But it doesn't matter. My looks are changing and will continue to change. Silver is appearing in my hair. I wasn't made to stay the same. Beauty is fleeting.

I desire joy and peace. Some days I have to search to find them. They don't come naturally. The things of value take work. They are also a gift. The work is obedience. The gift is grace.

Me today

I need to stop comparing myself to everyone around me. I need to listen to the voice of the creator. He made me for a purpose. He has good works planned out for me. If I refuse to pause and listen, I end up randomly throwing darts at the wall. Many miss. Each miss causes feelings of failure. Pausing takes work. Listening takes work and often risk.

I pause to listen because I want the result. I want the lasting attractiveness that comes with a spirit of peace, of patience and of joy. It doesn't fade like those built on the fad of the day. It doesn't fade with age. It is produced over a lifetime as step by step and day by day, I learn to listen.

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In Review: January 2013

The year started as a sprint. Unfortunately, life is more of a marathon. If this pace continues burnout will ensue. Actually the pace has already started to slow. A head cold has me re-evaluating my to do list and priorities. I have not joined my running buddies at the gym since Monday. Stacks of writing sit untyped waiting to be edited. Last year, I started my monthly review inspired by Katie's Roundup. By summer my pace had dropped off and my review's stopped. However, I continue to see value in them. I have regularly fallen off the training plan for my running and I just restart. I am restarting my reviews.

January 2013

The questions I hope to answer each month are:

1. What books and or magazines did I read this month?

For the Artful Reader's Club, I read Around the World in Eighty Days. Other books I read this month include Living_art Pablo Picasso by Hajo Duchting, Money Saving Mom's Budget by Crystal Paine and Thrifty by Marjorie Harris. I started a fascinating book Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Unfortunately, it is a very popular book at the library and I had to return it unfinished. It is not a book to read in a hurry as it is full of thought provoking ideas. I will return to it before the year is over. In the meantime, I started another book that promised to be an interesting read Quiet by Susan Cain. With my ladies BOOKClub bible study, I read through Proverbs.

2. What movies, TV shows, plays, etc. did I watch?

Bruce and I watched some episodes of BattleStar Gallactica on DVD. With the girl, we watched Finding Farley and some Get Smart on DVD.

3. What interesting things did we do as a family? With friends?

We celebrated three family birthdays this month and sent wishes for a fourth who lives in another province.


4. What were our accomplishments?

Victoria participated in a speech contest. Kathryn ran in an indoor track relay, her team made it to the semi finals. I helped with SpeechCraft at SIAST and the University of Saskatchewan helping students with their public speaking skills. We have started to investigate high school options for Victoria. On January 1, Kathryn and I ran the 5K Resolution Run. Kathryn is currently winter camping with her classmates. They left Wednesday and have had the two coldest consecutive days of the year so far.

5. What were our disappointments?

Juggling schedules continues to be a frustration. There are many things we all want to do and it is hard to choose which to focus on. Victoria pent the first part of the month recovering from a bad cold she had before and during the Christmas season. I spent the last part of January with pressure on my ear. I tried to return to my writing. I have found a pattern of stopping a story just at the climax leaving myself and my readers wondering "and then what?" It will be an ongoing effort this year to work through this and finish some of the stories.

6. What did I do for exercise?

I have traded the outdoor running for swimming, treadmill and stationary bike. The treadmill does not happen as often as I hoped. It felt great to return to the pool. Once the spring weather arrives, I will return to running outdoors. Hopefully, I will continue to swim once that happens.


7. Did I make progress on my goals?

I am still in the process of recording my goals for the year. Writing and exercise are a necessary piece. We are discussing a few bigger ideas as a family that will affect this years goals.

As the year progresses, I expect this list will change to more accurately reflect the things I want to track and remember at the end of the year. I am also working on a list of tasks I want to make sure I complete each month. I have had huge stacks of papers to file. I hope to build routines to keep that from happening.

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Every once in a while, Bruce and I toss the to do list and just do. This morning started out as usual. I head to the gym and he headed to work. When I got home, I enticed him to join me exploring the foggy countryside. But first we had to get the kids to school.


The ride to school was disappointing. It seemed the fog was lifting. The trees had a slight dusting of white. Undeterred we headed to the river hoping to catch the ice fog lifting and obscuring downtown. The fog was thin and we each had tasks to complete so we headed home. The closer we got to the edge of the city, the harder it got to see. We intentionally missed our turn and headed out of town. The fog was thick enough we wondered if it would obscure not only the background but the foreground. Would there be no happy middle?


Staying on the highway was not an option. We turned off to the north. The exploration had begun. Occasionally the fog lifted slightly. Just after Bruce commented: "It would be nice to have something alive in the photo", we saw a pair of deer. They froze. We took a few photos, moved the car and took a few more. In the thickest fog, we hoped not to find deer. We did not want to be surprised by them on the road. We did see few more feeding on some round bales off the side of the road.

Natural Beauty

It was time to return home and back to work. As we approached the city, it looked like the city had been erased. A blank canvas awaited those who wished to recreate the neighborhood.


The to do list remains but the fog is gone. The opportunity has faded but the memories remain.

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Unexpected Joy

This weekend we were helping Victoria with art ideas for homework. All of a sudden Bruce exclaimed, "That's what!" and disappeared into his office. He has a hiding spot somewhere in the office. If I was determined to find it I could but that would ruin the surprise. This was an extra surprise. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning he mentioned thinking he forgot something. I had no idea what it could be. Now I do. He had picked up a set of soft pastels for me. I had expressed interest in trying them. Now I can.

Bruce also set up a still life with some of the citrus fruit in the house. We are enjoying the abundance of in season produce from warmer climates. The girls are sure I have lost my mind. Last year I planted some clementine seeds. Two plants are doing well and one is struggling to hang on. Spurred on by that success, I planted a few more seeds. This time three grapefruit seeds, three blood orange seeds and some pink orange seeds. The pink oranges were the tastiest of the bunch so far. I hope one of each survives. The girls may be right. It seems a little unusual to be planting tropical fruit on a day that is -30C. Nevertheless, I continue to try new experiments.

Citrus family

Four pieces of fruit were rescued from the plate for a week. I have also been asked to pick up a lemon and lime. Victoria is working with watercolor pencils and creating her own still life. I am curious to see how hers turns out. I decided the family of four fruit was just right to try my new pastels. If I followed all the 'rules' I would have added another piece or taken one out to keep an odd number. I didn't. I look forward to trying new things. I am thankful that Bruce continues to encourage my hobbies. I am thankful for the unexpected surprise this weekend. I think his timing was even better than he planned.

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I wasn't going to choose a word to focus on this year. Before Christmas, our family started grumbling and complaining. It happens every year in the middle of the excitement and abundance. The days get shorter and colder. We are reminded of how we need the light. I started to tease my family that we needed to focus on the word positive for 2013. I told them I would make a big poster so they couldn't miss it. I was tired of the complaining. I was tired of the negativity. BUt I didn't do it. It didn't quite fit.

Just before Christmas a young family in our church was devestated by the premature birth and subsequent death of their long awaited twins. There are no words for their grief. How does positive fit in that case? As a church, we prayed for a miracle throughout her pregnancy as there was evidence of severe health problems. Did we lack faith? We all wanted a miracle for them and for us. The weekend before Christmas another family lost the patriarch of the family, the father, the granfather. He lived a long life. The family had good memories. Again there is sadness and grief. These are not losses to my family but they are losses within my faith community. These are people we walk along side and share parts of life with. In my job, I often work during funerals helping the friends and family grieve by making sure they have what they need during the ceremony or before. I interacted with both families in December. They did not want to hear a thoughtless "be positive" or "think of the good" or even "they are in a better place". They wanted a chance to reflect on the life lived whether long or short. They want and need a chance to cry and mourn. I want to respect that.


December drew to a close and I discarded the word positive. I still want to curb the grumbling and complaining. We have a choice how we respond. We can grieve without complaining. The Psalms shows us how to work through a wide variety of emotions including grief and excitement. I want to respond well both at home and in the community to the events of life. I want to teach my kids to respond well. I've been reflecting on a variety of areas of my life. I want to live my life intentionally. As I've reflected, I've kept returning to one word that seems to sum up the various ideas. One question I can ask myself when I start grumbling and complaining. The word: Perspective. The question: "where is my perspective right now?" My earthly perspective is limited. I do not understand so many things. If my perspective is centered on me and now, it will be easy to grumble and complain. If I lift my eyes and look forward, it gets a little easier. When I lift my eyes heavenward and ask God to show me where we are going the grumbling fades. He directs my steps whether I pay attention or not. How much easier is it to travel when I pay attention to where I am going?

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A new year offers an opportunity to reflect on what was and what is to come. I have seen many posts over the past week with plans and goals for 2013. I waited. In a very real sense my new year starts 5 days later than everyone else. It is a new year of my life. This year, I found myself reflecting more than others. Bruce's health scare might have prompted it. Challenging myself and succeeding may have contributed. In any case, I find myself reflecting and pondering the year to come.


I am working on setting some goals. It is a stretch. I still do not like goal setting. I do not want to stand still though. I want to build on the fitness habit I have started. I do not have a goal yet. There are a few opportunities I am considering with my running group. In the meantime, we are going to continue running 3 times a week. We want to gain speed and maintain or increase endurance. We have discussed adding swimming since two of us are now dealing with injuries or the remnants of injuries. The next event we are considering is not until May or June. We have time to build endurance and health.

I am reading. I love to read. I have read three books already this year including my first book for the Artful Readers Club. I have been thinking about art possibilities for the book. I have a few different ideas. In the meantime, I am thinking about what I want to learn and accomplish with artistic expression this year. Just like with my health, I do not want to stand still. there are many things I want to learn. The difficulty is narrowing it down to a few things to focus on.

In order to meet any of the goals I am considering, I need to organize my life. I spend way too much time looking for things and tripping over things. Bruce and I started with a mini re-organization of our bedroom. I now have a writing corner with a rocking chair and fireplace. the other corner on that wall has our exercise gear. The re-organization has made better use of the space and we no longer feel enclosed. Slowly over the course of the year, I plan to make similar changes around the house. I hope by reclaiming the space and time I will be able to achieve my goals.

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Resolution 2013

Many people put exercise more on their list. It sits beside get organized, lose weight and others that are often forgot before January ends. I tend not to make resolutions. I fight setting goals though I did set some for 2012. It isn't that I don't want to change and improve, I do. I don't want to rush into too many changes that I get overwhelmed and stop.

A group of five of us have been running early in the morning. We run before the sun rises. We run for health. We run for energy. We ran to train for a 5K event. On January 1, instead of setting yet more resolutions that get neglected, we ran the 5K Resolution Run. Every running event I participated in 2012 it rained or snowed. Tuesday morning was overcast. The forecast said increasing winds and snow. Would 2013 follow the same trend as 2012? WE readied for our event and headed out. By the start of the race the temperature had risen to -1C. The face mask for the wind seemed like too much and it ended up being too much sinc ethe wind only started to pick up at the end of the race. The snow stayed away as well. Once again I was the last person to finish. I improved my time from the Santa Shuffle on December 1. My goal in 2013 is to increase my speed. I also want to eliminate the walk breaks during a 5K event even if the weather is not ideal. I know I can because I have. My injury is healing and I can return to building my endurance.