Bruce Guenter's background archive

Please email me if you have any more of these that you'd like to share. Note: If you want to use these backgrounds, please copy them instead of hotlinking them.

Subdirectory black-white
Subdirectory blue
Subdirectory brick
Subdirectory brown
Subdirectory bubbles
Subdirectory clouds
Subdirectory fabric
Subdirectory gray
Subdirectory green
Subdirectory marble
Subdirectory metal
Subdirectory multi-coloured
Subdirectory paper
Subdirectory purple
Subdirectory red
Subdirectory sidebars
Subdirectory space
Subdirectory tan
Subdirectory unsorted
Subdirectory water
Subdirectory wood
Subdirectory yellow

To download any of these backgrounds, right-click on the image and select "Save Image As...". To demo any of these backgrounds, left-click, and you will be presented with a full-screen image.