ipv6: IPv6 Address Handling

Data Structures

struct  ipv6addr


typedef uint16 ipv6port


const char * ipv6_scan (const char *s, ipv6addr *addr)
const char * ipv6_format (const ipv6addr *addr)
unsigned fmt_ipv6addr (char *buffer, const ipv6addr *addr)


const ipv6addr IPV6ADDR_ANY
const ipv6addr IPV6ADDR_LOOPBACK

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint16 ipv6port

IPv6 port number.

Function Documentation

unsigned fmt_ipv6addr ( char *  buffer,
const ipv6addr addr 

Produce a formatted string from an IPv6 address.

The given buffer must be at least 39 bytes long, or 40 bytes if it needs to contain the standard trailing NUL byte.

The number of bytes written to the buffer.
This routine is thread and recursion safe.

const char* ipv6_format ( const ipv6addr addr  ) 

Produce a formatted C string from an IPv6 address.

The return value is statically allocated. Multiple calls to this function will return pointers to the same string.

const char* ipv6_scan ( const char *  s,
ipv6addr addr 

Scan a C string for an IPv6 address.

NULL if parsing failed, otherwise a pointer to the first character after the end of the address.

Variable Documentation

const ipv6addr IPV6ADDR_ANY

IPv6 "any" address constant.

const ipv6addr IPV6ADDR_LOOPBACK

IPv6 loopback address constant.

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