resolve: Domain name resolution functions


#define RESOLVE_OK   0
#define RESOLVE_NOADDR   2
#define resolve_ipv4name(N, A)   resolve_ipv4name_n((N),(A),1)


const char * resolve_ipv4addr (const ipv4addr *addr)
int resolve_ipv4name_n (const char *name, ipv4addr *addr, int maxaddrs)
int resolve_error (void)

Define Documentation

#define resolve_ipv4name ( N,
 )     resolve_ipv4name_n((N),(A),1)

Compatibility macro for resolve_ipv4name_n

#define RESOLVE_NOADDR   2

Domain name exists, but has no address.


Domain name not found.


Non-recoverable name server error.

#define RESOLVE_OK   0

No error.


Temporary failure.

Function Documentation

int resolve_error ( void   ) 

Look up the last resolve error code.

const char* resolve_ipv4addr ( const ipv4addr addr  ) 

Look up the domain name corresponding to an IPv4 address.

int resolve_ipv4name_n ( const char *  name,
ipv4addr addr,
int  maxaddrs 

Look up the IPv4 address(es) corresponding to a domain name.

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