ghash Struct Reference
[adt ghash: Generic hash tables.]

#include <ghash.h>

Data Fields

void ** table
unsigned count
unsigned size
unsigned long keysize
unsigned long entrysize

Detailed Description

The core generic hash table structure.


Field Documentation

void** ghash::table

The hash table itself is an array of pointers, the actual type of which is dependant on the declaration of the table.

unsigned ghash::count

The count is the number of items stored in the table.

unsigned ghash::size

The size is the number of slots available in the table.

unsigned long ghash::keysize

The size, in bytes, of the key structure in each table entry.

unsigned long ghash::entrysize

The total size, in bytes, of an entry (key and data).

adt_hash_fn* ghash::hashfn

Pointer to the function which produces a hash of a key.

adt_cmp_fn* ghash::keycmp

Pointer to the function which compares two keys.

adt_copy_fn* ghash::keycopy

Pointer to the function which copies a key.

adt_copy_fn* ghash::datacopy

Pointer to the function which copies a data item.

adt_free_fn* ghash::keyfree

Pointer to the function which frees a key.

adt_free_fn* ghash::datafree

Pointer to the function which fressa a data item.

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