iobuf Struct Reference
[iobuf: I/O Buffer Management]

#include <common.h>

Data Fields

int fd
char * buffer
unsigned bufsize
unsigned buflen
unsigned bufstart
unsigned offset
unsigned timeout
unsigned flags
int errnum

Detailed Description

The base I/O buffer structure.

Field Documentation

int iobuf::fd

File descriptor being buffered.

char* iobuf::buffer

The buffer memory.

unsigned iobuf::bufsize

Total buffer size.

unsigned iobuf::buflen

Length of the data in the buffer.

unsigned iobuf::bufstart

Start of the data in the buffer.

unsigned iobuf::offset

Current file read/write offset.

unsigned iobuf::timeout

I/O timeout in ms (0 for no timeout).

unsigned iobuf::flags

Status flags.

int iobuf::errnum

Saved errno flag.

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