Web browser for ezmlm-idx archives
Bruce Guenter <bruce@untroubled.org>
Version 0.20

This is ezmlm-browse, a web interface for browsing ezmlm-idx (version
0.40 or later) archives.  The presentation is modeled from that of the
ezmlm-cgi archive browser that is part of ezmlm-idx, but with several
additions.  However, the output is completely template driven, so you
can make it fit into your current web scheme.

A mailing list has been set up to discuss this and other packages.
To subscribe, send an email to:
A mailing list archive is available at:

Development versions of ezmlm-browse are available at GitHub:


- Python 2.6 or later

- ezmlm-idx 0.53 + idx 0.40 or later.  If you are using an older version
  of ezmlm-idx, you MUST upgrade and run the "ezmlm-idx" and
  "ezmlm-archive" commands on all lists you wish to browse.

Security Notes:

- You will need to choose one of the following options:

  - Make your mailing list archives readable to the UID that the web
    server operates under.  This will likely allow anybody on your
    system to read the contents of the mailing lists, including the
    unfiltered header lines (which include full email addresses, etc.)

  - Make the wrapper CGI program owned by the mailing list archive owner
    and setuid.  If I have not been adequately careful, this may allow
    an attacker to execute code as that user.

  - Use the Apache suexec module.

- See the INSTALL document for more details.

This program is Copyright(C) 2010 Bruce Guenter, and may be copied
according to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL) Version 2 or a later
version.  A copy of this license is included with this package.  This
package comes with no warranty of any kind.

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