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Untroubled software stands for the following ideals:

  1. Untroubled software should be both free from known security defects and designed in such a way that theoretical attacks are difficult or impossible to mount, just as the term "untroubled" is a synonym for "secure".
  2. Untroubled software should be fault tolerant. Failures in underlying or related systems must not cause loss of data and should not cause interruption in service.
  3. Untroubled software should not introduce faults into the operation of other software (unless it is specifically designed to do so).
  4. Untroubled software should not cause trouble with unusual or erroneous behavior. The behavior of untroubled software should be strictly deterministic.
  5. Untroubled software should be unencumbered by restrictions on access to or distribution of its source code, or by restrictions on the use of intellectual property contained therein (by, for example, patents).

It is my goal to produce, distribute, and use only untroubled software.        -- Bruce Guenter <bruce@untroubled.org> https://untroubled.org/

Note: I am transitioning my PGP / GPG master key. Read this note for more details.