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envuidgid - runs another program with environment variables indicating a specified account’s uid and gid.


envuidgid account child


account is a single argument. child consists of one or more arguments.

envuidgid sets $UID to account’s uid and $GID to account’s gid. It then runs child.

Exit Codes

envuidgid exits 111 if it cannot find a UNIX account named account, if it runs out of memory for environment variables, or if it cannot run child. Otherwise its exit code is the same as that of child.

See Also

envdir(8) , envini(8) , fghack(8) , multilog(8) , pgrphack(8) , readproctitle(8) , setlock(8) , setuidgid(8) , setuser(8) , softlimit(8) , supervise(8) , svc(8) , svok(8) , svscan(8) , svscanboot(8) , svstat(8) , tai64n(8) , tai64nlocal(8)

Table of Contents