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svok - checks whether supervise(8) is running.


svok service


svok checks whether supervise(8) is successfully running in the directory named service.

Exit Codes

It silently exits 0 if supervise(8) is successfully running. It silently exits 100 if supervise(8) is not successfully running.


If set, the named directory is used instead of supervise for the status information and control files. If $SUPERVISEDIR is an absolute path, it is suffixed with the path to s with all slashes ("/") replaced with colons (":").

See Also

envdir(8) , envini(8) , envuidgid(8) , fghack(8) , multilog(8) , pgrphack(8) , readproctitle(8) , setlock(8) , setuidgid(8) , softlimit(8) , supervise(8) , svc(8) , svscan(8) , svscanboot(8) , svstat(8) , tai64n(8) , tai64nlocal(8)

Table of Contents