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Home » Archives » October 2011 » Democratic Right to Mob Rule

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10/27/2011: "Democratic Right to Mob Rule"

Recently both the CWB ("Wheat board takes federal 'bullies' to court", Winnipeg Free Press, Oct 26 *, and "Wheat board sues federal government" CBC Oct 26 *) and its supporters ("Shameful move", SP Oct 27*) have claimed that abolishing the CWB's monopoly on grain sales goes against our democratic rights.

Let me get this straight. Forcing other people in western Canada to sell their grain through a single seller is your democratic right? Does freedom of choice have no value? How is this not mob rule?

The spectre of those "multinational grain companies" is also being raised to scare us into thinking that farmers would be worse off. How would these companies get their hands on the grain if the farmers don't choose to sell to them? If farmers have a choice, they will use whatever buyer gives them the best deal. If that's a multinational grain company it still benefits the farmers.

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