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04/03/2012: Exxon Mobil's pocket earnings
02/14/2012: No Right to Complain, Apparently
02/05/2012: Economic Ills and So-called Austerity
10/27/2011: Democratic Right to Mob Rule
10/27/2011: Kingly Dreams
10/04/2011: Cuban Health Propaganda Takes In Another Believer
09/21/2011: Das Kapital and Exchange Values
05/24/2011: Exxon villainized again
05/13/2011: Oil Company Profit Hypocrisy
04/28/2011: Right Invasion
04/07/2011: Disturbed Hyprocrites
03/18/2011: "Anti-government" and biased reporting
03/16/2011: Rent Control, part 1
03/15/2011: Foolish doctors
12/20/2010: More (on) Imports
12/14/2010: J. Michael Straczynski's politics
12/06/2010: Consulting Government
11/23/2010: Left Unsaid
11/04/2010: Who Owns It?
08/06/2010: Krugman at odds with reality
02/08/2010: This is remaining open to scrutiny?
01/29/2010: The thing about creating jobs
12/02/2009: Would you say this survey is good, poor, or ...
10/22/2009: Voting Grumpy
04/15/2009: Unbridled and Unregulated Capitalism?
02/19/2009: Fun with misleading statistics
12/22/2008: Spending or saving?
11/28/2008: Bitter economic lessons still not learned
11/27/2008: Imbalanced Balance
11/23/2008: Parade Encounter
09/26/2008: Asking for Directions
09/25/2008: Seniors not embracing generic drugs? Not quite.
07/25/2008: Cell phone foolishness
06/13/2008: Copy protection and death
06/11/2008: Oh how I wish for a federal vacuum
06/11/2008: McCain's shows off his economic ignorance
11/23/2007: CUPE is worried about propaganda?
10/16/2007: Extended shopping hours in Saskatoon.
10/15/2007: Pre-election announcements
10/01/2007: Jack Layton cries for the news again.
09/28/2007: I guess she must have been doing something wrong
07/04/2007: Serial CPUs?
06/11/2007: There are two threats to liberty in America
05/30/2007: Al Gore on TV
05/29/2007: Jack of fair trades?
04/10/2007: Gas companies and gouging
03/05/2007: Boulders in a river
02/12/2007: Yet another "automatic" software development tool
01/29/2007: CSIS says "Too much secrecy is bad"
01/05/2007: Hitler and the need for war
01/04/2007: More thoughts on debt reduction
01/03/2007: An Introduction to Value Theory
12/21/2006: Today's Accu-Terror Forecast
12/20/2006: I've been published
12/11/2006: Seven people in a boat
12/11/2006: Vista will create new jobs?
12/08/2006: Letter to the Editor on program cuts
11/10/2006: Gay marriage defeat?
11/10/2006: Poverty and Health
10/31/2006: Incidents grab headlines?
10/26/2006: Rush Limbaugh and Parkinson's Disease
10/03/2006: PM Harper shows he has a backbone
09/21/2006: 30 Things You Can Do About DRM
08/09/2006: Terrorists and traitors (updated)
08/03/2006: Functional programming goodness
07/05/2006: Kenneth Lay (of Enron infamy) has died
06/30/2006: Legislating Trans Fats
06/29/2006: We are paying the copyright industry to lobby the government
06/27/2006: Government investment?
06/26/2006: Tim Berners-Lee on Network Neutrality
06/25/2006: Minimum price laws?
06/07/2006: I have a theory
03/03/2006: Canadian healthcare debate notable quotes
02/28/2006: Oh no, the CWB is falling! The CWB is falling!
02/24/2006: So called "trusted" computing
02/23/2006: If you're not doing anything wrong...
01/24/2006: 2006 Canadian election results reaction
01/20/2006: Tim Denton on Wars
01/16/2006: Canadian Liberal MP says fundraising contributions won't affect her policies (updated)
12/14/2005: Democracy is vote buying
12/08/2005: Is it CGI or is it real?
11/23/2005: More on Sony's DRM
11/10/2005: History's Worst Software Bugs (Updated)
11/08/2005: Apparently, you can patent just about anything.
11/07/2005: USA House restores some sanity to eminent domain
11/06/2005: It has to get worse before it gets better.
11/06/2005: Sony rootkit bumper sticker
11/06/2005: The government will always get it wrong
11/02/2005: More on the Sony DRM issue (Updated)
08/19/2005: Don't feel like a statement!
07/22/2005: The media and hate crimes
07/15/2005: Bruce Schneier in Turnrow
07/14/2005: Self-taxation
07/06/2005: High court OKs personal property seizures
07/06/2005: Interview with Marcus Ranum
05/16/2005: Interview with Bruce Schneier
04/14/2005: The Great Open Source Unwisdom
04/14/2005: It's that time to debate DST again. (updated)
01/10/2005: Never trust anyone?