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Thursday, October 27th

Democratic Right to Mob Rule

Recently both the CWB ("Wheat board takes federal 'bullies' to court", Winnipeg Free Press, Oct 26 *, and "Wheat board sues federal government" CBC Oct 26 *) and its supporters ("Shameful move", SP Oct 27*) have claimed that abolishing the CWB's monopoly on grain sales goes against our democratic rights.
Bruce on 10.27.11 @ 07:04 PM CST [more..] [No Comments]

Kingly Dreams

It has been frequently asserted, as Russell Lahti has done ("Peasant dreams"*, SP Oct 26) that "the standard of living for most of us has been declining". Indeed, if you compare the incomes of the richest households to the incomes to the poorest households, there is a growing division, but that's a very misleading statistic to look at. Yes, the rich are getting richer (and this is both good and bad), but the rest of us are hardly in decline.
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Tuesday, October 4th

Cuban Health Propaganda Takes In Another Believer

Letter to the Saskatoon StarPhoenix:

It appears Mark Lemstra (Cuba's health results better at fraction of cost, SP Sept 29*) has fallen for the public statistics the Cuban ministry of health puts out and hasn't dug any deeper into the reality of Cuban misery.
Bruce on 10.04.11 @ 01:30 PM CST [more..] [No Comments]