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Home » Archives » February 2012 » No Right to Complain, Apparently

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02/14/2012: "No Right to Complain, Apparently"

Letter to the Saskatoon StarPhoenix:

In the comment entitled "You voted for this" (SP Feb 8 2012*), Nick Henselmeier tells seniors they got what they deserved because they voted for the Conservatives.

Let me get this straight. We are told that those who vote for a representative of the party that forms the majority shouldn't bring up problems they perceive in the subsequent legislation, because they're just getting what they deserve. They voted for it, after all.

Those who voted for one of the other parties should also not complain, because "the people have spoken", and they should acquiesce to the will of the majority.

Finally, those that declined to vote have no right to complain because they couldn't be bothered to participate in the so-called democratic process. If you don't vote, you have no right to complain, or so the saying goes.

It seems that no matter what option one chooses, the only option is to shut up and quietly accept the acts the ruling party bring down. This, I cannot accept.

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on Saturday, September 1st, JS said

I take the "no right to complain" a bit more tongue in cheek.

Seniors cannot say they are surprised though. Same as the farmers who blindly vote conservative and then get offended they don't get to vote on the CWB.

Tough to complain when you vote for some one and they actually do what you expect them to...

on Thursday, May 30th, Conrad said

Now, news the Sask Party is cutting rural STC bus routes. I agree with JS's post above. Senior's are often strong social conservatives, but from a policy standpoint, miss out with a government that has money for white elephant art galleries and football stadiums, but not for affordable rural transport and package shipping? I disagree with you Guenter, I think if you voted for the other guy, you have 4 years to sway the fair weather voters. If you voted for the Sask Party, you have 4 years to contact the Sask Party, to tell them why you do not consider this part of their mandate. Brad Wall has piled up rich new spending in Swift Current, and massive projects in Saskatoon (the art gallery) but for any one in Yorkton, Melville, Battleford, Lloyd? Well, hope you don't ride the bus!

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