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Subscribing - ezmlm and ezmlm-idx Manual

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1.3 Subscribing to an ezmlm mailing list

As mentioned previously, ezmlm commands are put into the ADDRESS. To subscribe to ‘mailinglist@example.org’, send an (empty) message to ‘mailinglist-subscribe@example.org’. ezmlm will send a confirmation request back to you. To confirm your subscription, just reply to the ‘Reply-To:’ address. Usually, the “reply” function of your mail program will do this. When ezmlm receives your confirmation, it will add your address to the subscriber database and send you a message to tell you that you are a subscriber. If your mail program supports it, you may be able to just click on the address in the message.

The confirmation is used so that only you (and the list administrator) can add/remove your address from the list of subscribers.

Sometimes, you may want to subscribe an address other than the one you are sending from. Let's say you're sitting at ‘john@example.net’ and that all your mail is forwarded here from ‘harold@example.com’ (when you are not in the office). You'd like ‘harold@example.com’ to be the subscriber (so that you get the messages at work). To do this, send mail to: ‘mailinglist-subscribe-harold=example.com@example.org’. ezmlm will send the confirmation request to ‘harold@example.com’ which will be forwarded and reach you at ‘john@example.net’. When you reply, ‘harold@example.com’ is added as a subscriber. The ezmlm verification mechanism tests the only relevant issue: That the person at the subscription address really wants to be a subscriber. After the confirmation reply is received, ezmlm will send a message to the subscription address to let the recipient know that s/he is a subscriber.

Some ezmlm mailing lists may use subscription moderation(*). Subscription to these lists is identical to the process described above, except that after confirmation the request is passed on to the list moderator(s). You become a subscriber only after one of the moderators has approved your request. If you want to send any additional information to the moderator, do so in your confirmation message. ezmlm will notify you once you are a subscriber.