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16 MAR 1999

This documents describes how to upgrade from earlier versions of ezmlm-idx/mod. For upgrades from ezmlm-0.53, see INSTALL.idx. For detains on changes see CHANGES.idx.

This file is for upgrading from earlier version of ezmlm-idx/mod. If you use ezmlm-0.53 but have not installed a previous version of ezmlm-idx, see INSTALL.idx. For details on changes see CHANGES.idx.

  1. Proceed as per INSTALL.idx.
  2. If your old lists use SENDER restriction on posts with aliases (DIR/extra) and blacklisted addresses (DIR/blacklist) you need to change the name of these directories to DIR/allow and DIR/deny, respectively, and rebuild the list (see below). Without this change the list will still function normally, but addresses cannot be added/removed from these addresses remotely (e.g. via list-allow-subscribe). Other than this, your lists will function without modifications if you are upgrading from ezmlm-idx>=0.30. ezmlmrc is upgraded from ezmlm-idx-0.31x, but the changes are not required for using the list.
  3. The changes from ezmlm-0.30x are minimal, but fix a couple of bugs, see CHANGES.idx). If you have custom ezmlmrc files and wish to update them, do the following:
    • First create a diff between the old ezmlmrc distribution and the custom ezmlmrc file:
              % cp /usr/local/bin/ezmlm/ezmlmrc ~/ezmlmrc.orig
              % cp ~/.ezmlmrc ~/ezmlmrc
              % diff -c ~/ezmlmrc.orig ~/ezmlmrc ~/ezmlmrc.diff
    • Next, apply the changes to the new ezmlmrc:
              % cp .../ezmlm-idx-0.313/ezmlmrc ~/ezmlmrc
              % patch ~/ezmlmrc < ~/ezmlmrc.diff
    • Next check for rejected parts (you need to apply them manually):
              % cat ~/ezmlmrc.rej
    Any existing list can be edited with 'ezmlm-make -e dir dot local host code]' with the appropriate switches to take advantage of new ezmlm functions. If you make ezmlmrc files in other languages, please make them public domain and mail them to lindberg@id.wustl.edu for inclusion in future versions of ezmlm-idx. That's it! To report success (this helps to track platform-specific problems):
           % ( echo 'First M. Last'; cat `cat SYSDEPS` ) 
             | mail cfl-src@id.wustl.edu
    Replace First M. Last with your name. Send bugs reports, ideally with patch, to lindberg@id.wustl.edu at any time.

    Additional steps required when upgrading from ezmlm-idx<0.30:

    1. Adjust the name of the extra databases:
              % mv DIR/extra DIR/allow
              % mv DIR/blacklist DIR/deny
              % ezmlm-make -+ DIR
    2. Reindex the subject index for existing lists:
      % ezmlm-idx DIR
      for each list directory 'DIR'.
    3. For existing digest lists, assuming the list "joe-sos" and the digest list "joe-sos-digest".
      • Remove links to the digest list:
                % rm -f ~joe/.qmail-sos-digest*
      • edit the main list to include a digest list:
                % ezmlm-make -edxxx ~joe/SOS ~joe/.qmail joe-sos id.com gaga
        where 'xxx' are switches used in creating the original list. For lists created with ezmlm-idx-0.23 or later, the arguments after the list directory may be omitted.
      • Move the digest subscriber info:
                % mv ~joe/SOS-digest/subscribers/* ~joe/SOS/digest/subscribers
      The digest list bounce info will be lost, as the key used for the new digest is the same as for the list, and different for that from the old digest. At worst, this will make the info for a digest user on missed digests incomplete. It may also slightly delay the removal of a permanently bouncing subscriber addresses.

    Additional steps required when upgrading subscription-moderated lists created with ezmlm-idx<0.23:

    1. If you have subscription moderated lists created with ezmlm-idx<0.23, they likely lack dir/text/mod-sub-confirm and dir/text/mod-unsub-confirm. Ezmlm-idx-0.23 substituted dir/text/(un)sub-confirm if the above files were missing, but ezmlm-idx>=0.30 will not work without these files. Again, ezmlm-make -e is the easiest way to update the list. Alternatively,r just copy dir/text/(un)sub-confirm to dir/text/mod-(un)sub-confirm.