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ezmlm and ezmlm-idx Manual

ezmlm and ezmlm-idx Manual

A manual for ezmlm and ezmlm-idx (referred to as “ezmlm/idx”). It is intended for non-technical users. For technical information, please see documentation in the ezmlm-idx package, especially the FAQ and the man pages. Features available only with ezmlm-idx are marked(*) or (*7) for features available only with version 7 or later. The manual has three main chapters. Chapter 1 is a ezmlm/idx user's manual. It is intended for people (wanting to be) subscribed to ezmlm mailing lists. It describes, how to subscribe, unsubscribe, post, and access the list archive. Chapter 2 is an ezmlm/idx moderator's and list administrator's manual. It is an extension of chapter 1 for people who function as moderators or remote administrators of ezmlm mailing lists. Chapter 3 is a ezmlm/idx list owner's introduction to ezmlm. It is an extension of Chapters 1 and 2 for ezmlm list owners. It describes ezmlm list types, and what is possible with ezmlm/idx lists, and how to deal with common problems. The owner who wants to learn how to control the details of list customization should consult the documentation in the ezmlm and ezmlm-idx packages, especially the FAQ. The appendices give references to other sources of ezmlm information, a summary of ezmlm/idx commands, and a brief discussion of a user/host-wide interface that can be used to mimic other MLMs to make migration easier. Many thanks to Toshinori Maeno and others for helpful comments/suggestions.

Copyright © 2009 Fred Lindberg, Fred B. Ringel, and Bruce Guenter.

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