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Bruce Guenter bruce@untroubled.org

02 May 2014

This document contains the information which should be reviewed prior to installing and using ezmlm-idx

This is an addition and patch to ezmlm-0.53 [(c) Dan J. Bernstein]. Ezmlm-idx uses only Dan's libraries and heavily relies on ezmlm-0.53 code. ezmlm-idx does not function without ezmlm-0.53.

ezmlm-0.53 provides basic message distribution, subscriber address handling, message archiving (single quoted message retrieval only), and bounce handling. ezmlm-idx adds multi-message threaded archive retrieval, digests, remote administration, message and subscription moderation, subscriber-only restrictions, message trailer, subject prefix, subscriber name storage, customizable setup, multi-language and MIME support and more. In addition, improved bounce handling, case-insensitive subscriber address storage, and support for distributed lists (main + sublist transparent to the subscriber). In addition, ezmlm-idx can now be compiled with MySQL support for centrally administrated distributed lists with binaries that autosense use of SQL or standard ezmlm databases.


The major improvements in ezmlm-idx-0.32 are support for user transparent sublisting and SQL database support including support for monitored and dynamically reconfigurable sublisting. Bounce handling is also optimized to work with very large lists. SQL-enabled lists appear to scale well even beyond 500,000 subscribers. ezmlm-idx-0.321 is a bug-fix of 0.32 (see CHANGES.idx).

See http://cr.yp.to/ezmlm.html for the latest information about ezmlm.

See http://ezmlm.untroubled.org/ for the latest version of ezmlm-idx and docs on line.

Mail ezmlm-subscribe@list.cr.yp.to to join the ezmlm mailing list. list (averages 3 messages per day). This list is run by Dan J. Bernstein using ezmlm-0.53. Mail fredr-ezmlm-digest-subscribe@rivertown.net for an independently maintained digest version of the list.

Send general comments and questions to: lindberg@id.wustl.eduor fredr@rivertown.net.

Send bug reports and patches to: lindberg@id.wustl.edu

Below, acknowledgements and a list of systems where ezmlm-idx has been reported to work.